Hello Mishi Binoculars for kids - 5 pieces outdoor explorer kit includes Binocular with neck strap; Flashlight ; Compass ; Magnifying glass; Carrying bag; Compact & Waterproof ;bird watching; Camping

  • $29.99




Binoculars – 4 * 30 adjustable zoom. Yellow Binocular with rubber protection and neck string. Use center rotate knob to adjust zoom level.



Compass – Handheld Lensatic Military style Compass . Hold compass flat on the hand and make sure its level.



Flashlight – Manual crank LED flashlight. Slide On/Off switch for light and slide rear switch to unlock hand crank below.



Magnifying glass – Pocket size with X3 and X10 magnifications.



Backpack – Drawstring carrying bag for kids outdoor use.






Nothing makes for a more perfect gift, than this box of possibilities– Most exciting and educational gift idea for kids. 



Compact and waterproof – Easy to carry and move around even when it rains.



Hassle free – LED flashlight gets recharged with few hand cranks - NO BATTERIES REQUIRED.



Learn while you play – Excellent toy for kids to explore,observe and learn.



Affordable – Super value for money with 5 gift items.



Carrying bag – Real backpack with shoulder strings.



*****RISK FREE*****



100% HAPPINESS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our adventure binocular exploration kit is backed up by our manufacturer 30 day money back/replacement guarantee So if you’re not 100% happy with your product, we’ll give you a full refund or replacemnet. No questions, no fuss.



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Have Fun , Explore, and Learn!